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Steering Committee Guidelines


The purpose of the Steering Committee is to oversee activities necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive plan as defined in Section 66.1001, Wis. Stats, to include:


Oversee the work of three working groups and monitor timeliness in meeting major milestones. The working groups will be formed in the following areas:


Assist with the development of, adoption, and implementation of the public participation plan.
Monitor the plan for consistency among communities, and guide comprehensive plan implementation, including introduction of required resolutions and ordinance amendments.


The Comprehensive Planning Steering Committee shall be composed of 13 members as follows:


Six Dane County Board members:

The president of the Dane County Towns Association, or his designee.
The president of the Dane County Cities and Villages Association, or his designee.
The Mayor of the City of Madison, or her designee.
A representative of the Dane County Parks Commission
A representative of the builders and realtors, to be recommended jointly by the South Central Wisconsin Realtors Association and the Madison Area Builders Association.
A representative of the environmental community, to be recommended jointly by the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Heritage Land Trust.
A farmer, to be recommended jointly by the Dane County Farm Bureau and the Dane County Chapter of the National Farmers Organization.


The Chair of the Environment, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee shall make appointments to supervisory committees, subcommittees, and work groups in consultation with the County Board Chair and First Vice Chair.

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